Holiday Travel Tips

As the Holidays draw near, you might be packing up your family to head out – over the river and through the wood – to various winter festivities.  But on slippery roads and with unpredictable weather, it’s important to be prepared.  From something as simple as ugly traffic, to blizzard-like conditions over the mountain passes that brings your road trip to a complete stand-still, anything could happen in winter.

And with freezing temperatures, it’s even so much more important to think ahead and pack.  Take a look at our handy list, which features everything from safety tips to basics for your emergency kit, and even favorite ways to pass the time!

McClain Insurance Holiday Travel TipsClick here to download our Holiday Travel Tips.


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  1. Very nice travel tips. Checking the weather will make sure you’re prepared with the right gear, or if your activities will be suited for the climate. Keeping passengers amused with some games will definitely make the long travel easier to endure. Thanks for the great travel tips!

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