Snapshot is Progressive’s Largest Discount Ever!

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The independent insurance brokers at McClain Insurance Services are ready to assist local drivers in taking insurance discounts into their own hands, as Progressive Insurance launched its “Snapshot” program in Washington State on Friday, February 15th, 2013.

Snapshot is Progressive’s revolutionary usage-based insurance rating program.  Washington is one of the last states to authorize the use of these usage-based devices.  Drivers and agents have been waiting years to personalize auto insurance rates based on actual driving habits.   Insurance rates are traditionally obtained based on factors such as driver’s age and gender, type of vehicle, zip code, driving record, and credit history.

The problem with traditional rating algorithms is that most drivers feel that they aren’t being recognized for safe driving habits, and that in fact many rating factors are out of their control.

Snapshot allows drivers to personalize their car insurance rate and apply the discounts they deserve by factoring in their actual driving behavior.  With Snapshot, motorists can earn significant additional discounts!  Here’s how it works:

The Progressive Snapshot device plugs into the car’s diagnostic port and measures factors such as

  • Rates of acceleration and braking
  • How often, when, and how far the vehicle is driven
  • How often a driver travels between midnight and 4 am

Snapshot is not a GPS and does not track the vehicle’s location or speed, who is driving, or whether a driver is exceeding the speeding limit.  The device only stays in the car for one Progressive policy term (6 months) to obtain a “snapshot” of the individual driver’s style and behavior.  After this time, the Snapshot device is returned to Progressive, and the earned discount is applied to the policy permanently.

The great news is:  Rates do not increase based on Snapshot data.  The traditional Progressive proposal serves as the baseline insurance rate. With Snapshot, it can only get better, never worse.

Snapshot - How It Works

Drivers interested in the Progressive Snapshot program have the option to test the device for 30 days to evaluate potential savings, or to obtain a Progressive Insurance quote through McClain Insurance.  McClain’s team of professional agents stands ready to provide advice and more information without hassle, fee, or obligation.

The brokers at McClain Insurance Services have always felt very strongly about consumer education and about crafting personalized protection plans that match clients’ needs and budget.  Insurance is not a commodity and no two clients are the same, which is why “one-size-fits-all internet policies” can leave dangerous gaps in a driver’s protection.

With Snapshot, Progressive recognizes that each driver is an individual and deserves a customized protection plan.   The agents at McClain Insurance are thrilled to help local drivers get the adequate protection and the discounts they deserve!

For more information about Progressive Snapshot, please call McClain Insurance Services at 425-379-9200 or visit


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  1. James says:

    I have enrolled in the Progressive Snapshot results and I am very happy with the results. On my 3 cars I got 6%, 13% and 55% discounts. I consider myself a very safe driver and the tracking device is a easy way to prove that to the insurance company. In the end I believe this is a self-selecting tool – the good drivers will have not problem enrolling and bad drivers will refuse and have to pay higher rates. Companies in the forefront will improve their pool of clients and lower their overall risk by having the higher risk customers defect to insurers who don’t require/offer the devices.

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